at the Constitution BBQ & Music Festival

The Constitution Week BBQ & Music Festival Competition will welcome 40 BBQ competitor teams on September 21st, 2019. These competitors are the lifeblood of Constitution Week BBQ & Music Festival and we could not exist without them.  This year, there are two types of competitors at the Constitution Week BBQ & Music Festival Competition. We welcome BBQ vendors who are selling and competing as well as BBQ teams who are competing only but are NOT selling.  The non-selling competitor category is limited to 20 competitor spots.  These spots are highly sought after and they will fill quickly.

BBQ Competitors — What You Need to Know
  • Water
    • There will be two centrally located water stations for the BBQ teams to fill jugs
    • There will not be water hookups so please come with full holding tanks if needed
    • We do not allow anyone to dump gray water in the streets, there are several campgrounds in area if you need to dump
  • Restrooms
    • Public restrooms and port-a-johns are located nearby
    • There are not shower facilities available
  • Trash
    • Trash locations are available throughout the event. Ash and grease cans will also be provided. Do not dump ash in undesignated cans
  • Electricity
    • Electricity is limited! Please be sure to comment on your Vendor Form.
  1. NOTICE:  Bear and Moose are very active in Grand County.  Competitors must take proper precautions  to prevent encounters with wild animal activity.  FEEDING WILDLIFE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
  2. For 2019 Competitors, booth spaces will be 20′ X 40′.
  3. Each competing team must prepare enough competition grade BBQ to supply the VIP tent with samples for our Platinum and Gold Sponsors..
  4. All Teams must provide their own tent or contact us at 877-239-0875 for rental information.
  5. Teams will have access to two centrally located water stations.
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